CalPro ADAS IdentiScan

CalPro’s ADAS IdentiScan uses a unique set of tools, software, analytics & application-based technology to ensure that our customers are able to quickly identify a vehicle’s ADAS features, allowing them to re-calibrate the vehicle back to OEM standards and include all related costs in their initial estimate.
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Connecting the ADAS IdentiScan tool

The ADAS IdentiScan operates by connecting directly into the vehicle’s operating system through the OBDII port located under the steering column on most vehicles.
  • Plug the ADAS IdentiScan tool into the OBDII port and look for the Bluetooth connection light

  • Turn vehicle ignition to RUN mode

  • Initiate smart phone application and confirm connection to scanner

  • Begin downloading vehicle system information

CalPro’s VIN Decoding technology easily identifies ADAS Features

Once the mobile operating system on your device has connected to the scanner, the ADAS IdentiScan technology will pull critical vehicle information to help the collision industry professional do their job more efficiently.
  • Vehicle Year, Make, Model, and Trim information will be presented to the user
  • Additional, sometimes difficult to locate, information may be presented such as paint & interior trim codes

  • Confirmed or possible ADAS features that are located on the vehicle will be identified

Complete Vehicle Inspection

By walking through the ADAS IdentiScan vehicle inspection wizard, users are able to determine the ADAS features affected by the damage and repair areas on the vehicle.
  • Complete the vehicle inspection damage area

  • Complete the vehicle inspection repair area
  • Complete the inspection questionnaire

  • At your option, take or upload pictures of the damage area or affected ADAS features on the vehicle

Receive a Vehicle Information & ADAS Features Report

  • Confirmed & potential ADAS features located on the vehicle

  • ADAS features that may require calibration based on vehicle inspection wizard inputs

  • Pre & post scan requirements
  • Additional calibrations required based on non-compliance with original manufactures specifications

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Our Mission

To create simple solutions for the automotive repair industry that provide our customers with essential information to help them operate their business efficiently & effectively.”

Benefits of the ADAS IdentiScan

  • Reduce Liability

  • Reduce Supplements

  • Reduce ADAS Research & Training

  • Increases Revenue &
    Profitability per Car

  • Increase Reimbursements

  • Increased Efficiency &
    Elimination of Guesswork

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