ADAS IdentiScan adds value to your entire team

Whether you are single shop who is focused on doing the job right, or a large collision repair organization trying to ensure that your processes & workflows are being followed across your footprint, ADAS IdentiScan can add value to your entire organization.


Identify ADAS features quickly at the initial point of customer contact – prior to the vehicle inspection stage.

Get a cataloged system to retrieve the ADAS IdentiScan information on every estimate written.


Review all ADAS IdentiScan reports to help streamline your efforts before ever touching the vehicle.
Guide the estimators in obtaining additional information that may be required on the RO’s.

General Managers

Ensure adherence to the estimation process & identify additional revenue opportunities.
Reduce the volume of future supplement requests with insurance companies.

Enterprise Management

Get a full view of the ADAS opportunity landscape across all of your collision centers.
Drill down to individual collision centers to assist with ADAS calibration management, forecasting & planning.

Benefits of the ADAS IdentiScan

  • Reduce Liability

  • Reduce Supplements

  • Reduce ADAS Research & Training

  • Increases Revenue &
    Profitability per Car

  • Increase Reimbursements

  • Increased Efficiency &
    Elimination of Guesswork

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