Access to CalPro’s ADAS IdentiScan, but through an API

Through the CalPro ADAS Solutions Application Programming Interface (API), you access the CalPro ADAS IdentiScan product without the OBD connection

Simply provide CalPro with the VIN through our API and some of the OBD product inputs and we provide you with the information included in the ADAS IdentiScan report

Collision Centers

Identify ADAS features and calibrations quickly at the initial point of customer contact – prior to the blueprint stage.

Calibration Centers

Immediate confirmation of all the ADAS features on the specific vehicle you need to calibrate without guesswork, before you calibrate it

Benefits of the ADAS IdentiScan

  • Reduce Liability

  • Reduce Supplements

  • Reduce ADAS Research & Training

  • Increases Revenue &
    Profitability per Car

  • Increase Reimbursements

  • Increased Efficiency &
    Elimination of Guesswork

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