CalPro creates deeper connections between market players

ADAS IdentiScan can be a valuable tool for multiple players in the auto body repair market. Help your collision shop partners identify calibration opportunities for your service, which will both reduce their liability and increase their profitability.

Mobile Technicians

Spend less time prospecting vehicles for your calibration & repair services, and more time servicing vehicles and creating revenue.

Earn more by putting the ADAS IdentiScan tool in the hands of your collision shop partners.

Calibration Centers

By providing your collision shop partners with the the ADAS IdentiScan tool, you can increase the car-flow through your center and improve your ability to forecast your calibrations – leading to increased profitability.

In addition, while using the ADAS IdentiScan Enterprise Solutions package…

… mobile technicians and calibration centers will have access to information for each vehicle scanned by their collision shop partners. This will provide valuable insight into their workflow, and increase your ability to forecast services & assist customers in managing their ADAS calibrations. You can now offer real-time feedback to your customer around ADAS calibration requirements, which previously required a costly manual inspection & intervention.

Benefits of the ADAS IdentiScan

  • Reduce Liability

  • Reduce Supplements

  • Reduce ADAS Research & Training

  • Increases Revenue &
    Profitability per Car

  • Increase Reimbursements

  • Increased Efficiency &
    Elimination of Guesswork

CalPro ADAS Solutions

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