ADAS IdentiScan Technology

CalPro’s ADAS IdentiScan Patented Technology is an innovative diagnostic technology that identifies the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and the calibration requirements on vehicles. It can be implemented through a VIN entry, a scan or an OBD connection.

Users, through the power of CalPro’s artificial intelligence & machine learning functionality, can quickly identify the need for ADAS calibrations prior to the submission of an estimate.

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Mobile App & Scanner

Vehicle owners are accustomed to driving into the service department of their dealerships and having a service advisor plug into their vehicle to begin the diagnostic process. With CalPro’s ADAS IdentiScan Technology , you can offer your customers the same level of professionalism and attention to detail. Our technology will allow you to quickly build trust with your customers by informing them of the potential for costly calibrations at the time of inspection, before they have received your initial estimate.

The ADAS IdentiScan Technology


Within 90 seconds of activation you will have a complete ADAS IdentiScan Report sitting in your email inbox, available for attachment to the RO.


Our proprietary VIN decoding process results in usable ADAS information over 99.5% of the time.

Immediate ROI

ADAS IdentiScan Technology can pay for itself by identifying just one calibration over the course of a single month.

Benefits of ADAS IdentiScan Technology


Liability to the Shop
  • By identifying & documenting the ADAS features of the pre-repair vehicle

  • By identifying & documenting potential calibration issues associated with repairing the vehicle

  • By identifying & documenting additional diagnostic work associated with repairing the vehicle
  • By identifying & documenting ADAS features, calibrations & diagnostic requirements at the inception of the estimation process

ADAS Research & Training
  • By providing an easy to use tool that can guide any member of the collision repair team to understanding the vehicle specifications, systems, repairs & requirements in less than 90 seconds
  • By providing a guide to the next steps in the research & repair processes


Revenue & Profitability per RO
  • By identifying calibration opportunities & including them in the estimate
  • By identifying additional diagnostic work required & including it in the estimate

  • By significantly reducing costly man-hours associated with researching vehicle information
  • By reducing time spent creating supplements for unidentified work
  • By identifying & documenting safety systems, calibrations & diagnostic requirements in the original estimate
Efficiencies & the elimination of guess-work
  • By streamlining shop processes related to estimation, research, planning, scheduling & diagnosing
  • By building confidence & capabilities, as well as educating the user on ADAS features across all vehicle manufacturers

Benefits of the ADAS IdentiScan

  • Reduce Liability

  • Reduce Supplements

  • Reduce ADAS Research & Training

  • Increases Revenue &
    Profitability per Car

  • Increase Reimbursements

  • Increased Efficiency &
    Elimination of Guesswork

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